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Mobile marketing is the fastest growing form of marketing and it's easy to see why. On average people read their text messages within 4 minutes of receiving them, but why not get an edge on your competition and integrate email, social media, instant messaging as well as SMS and reach 100% of your customers. Best of all, it costs the same to have all of our tools as it does to just have email marketing or SMS with our competition. So sign up for a free trial with TellYa now and see your distribution lists, response rates and sales go through the roof.


  1. Customer texts keyword to "0427 718 546"
  2. Customer receives automatic confirmation text
  3. Customer has now joined your distribution list. Build brand loyalty with special offers, information and much more

The future is here! Mobile Media is the best way to reach your customers.

Do you have specials you want to get out to your customers fast? Do you have appointments that need to be scheduled and/or confirmed? For whatever your reason is text marketing is the way to go. Now you can update your customers with important alerts, promotions and specials right to their mobile device.

We are living in a digital world. A world which is continually evolving and advancing. Most business owners know this and do their best to enure they don't get left behind. However few people are aware of just how diverse digital communication can be. As a form of marketing, it is simply impossible to reach your entire audience through just one channel. Here at Tellya, our aim is to provide you with the tools necessary to communicate with your potential and existing customers using a multitude of marketing methods.

Originally, mobile marketing was SMS based. Business owners would purchase bulk SMS packages, and send them out to targeted potential clients. SMS marketing is still an extremely effective and valuable marketing tool. However this is just one of the five channels that Tellya integrates into it's all-in-one marketing software platform. Other tools include Email, Social Media, Instant messaging and Voice broadcast.

Traditional SMS marketing consisted simply of sending one way text messages to clients. Tellya go one step further and allow you to interact with customers using our 2 way SMS system. Allowing individuals to respond to your messages with questions or to request more information, gives your business a more personal feel which is invaluable when it comes to converting potential clients into paying customers.

Mobile keywords are a great way to get people interested in your business. A simple incentive like a 2 for 1 offer or a free drink can encourage customers to join your SMS mailing list, and participate in future SMS marketing campaigns.

In recent times, QR code marketing has become increasingly popular for those with smart phones. It's easy to see why. The customer simply 'scans' the code and instantly obtains information about your business which may include special offers or other promotional content.

Social media has seen a phenomenal boom over the last 5 years, and is now recognized as a part of daily life. The flexibility of social networking has given rise to a new industry. Social media marketing. Tellya have capitalized on this. Our all-in-one platform includes Twitter feed integration, as well as Facebook widgets and coupons. Customers can interact with you by 'liking' your business. This process allows them to access more content/information, whilst collecting data for your future marketing campaigns. The possibilities are endless with this rapidly growing industry.

Tellya is no longer just a marketing company. Our SMS gateway allows you to stay connected with your clients and employees via text message. SMS appointment reminders can be useful for customers as well as ensuring you, the business owner do not miss out on revenue due to forgotten appointments. Many of our customer s use Tellya's SMS software to simply to inform employees of company news and updates, rather than sending expensive written letters, or emails which can often be missed or discarded.

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